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Reutlingen is a Swabian metropolis, gorgeously located at the foot of Mount Achalm and the Swabian Alb.

As a former free imperial city, Reutlingen has much to offer in terms of historical interest. Here you will also find the “world’s narrowest street” according to the Guinness Book of World Records. Various traditions such as the Mutschel Day or the Schwör Day festivals are still celebrated today.


After Reutlingen-Mitte, Betzingen is the most populated district of the city of Reutlingen.

Although it was already incorporated by Reutlingen in 1907 and has since become very urban and industrialised, this locality with about 11,000 inhabitants still retains many native and provincial traits.


The Swabian university town with its roughly 84,000 inhabitants and nearly 29,000 students brings together the flair of a lovingly restored Medieval town centre with the colourful bustle and spirit of a young university town.

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