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Surrounding area

The region around Reutlingen is full of delightful destinations on the Swabian Alb. Lichtenstein Castle, also called the “fairy-tale castle” of Württemberg, rises 800 m above the Echaz Valley. The limestone caves of Bärenhöhle and Nebelhöhle are in the immediate vicinity. Don’t miss seeing the Swabian Alb Biosphere Reserve and the Swabian Baroque Route, home to the Zwiefalten Abbey.

Just 6 minutes on the urban motorway B28, and you can be at the centre of Reutlingen or of Tübingen with one of the oldest universities in Germany. Let yourself be charmed by the town, which produced such great poets as Hölderlin, Uhland, and Mörike.

Before the gates of Tübingen, you will find the Bebenhausen Monastery and the Schönbuch forest. It is the oldest nature preserve in the state of Baden-Württemberg and was elected German Forest of the Year 2014 by an overwhelming majority. This recreational area offers over 20 km of well-marked hiking trails for the general public. There you will find numerous small landmarks, soldiers’ graves, memorial stones, and lovingly restored fountains.

Metzingen, one of Germany’s outlet-store gold mines, is only 15 minutes away from the hotel by car and offers merchandise from the world’s best known designers.

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